2D Element (Membrane, Shell, Plane)

2D element in Windas Workstation are modelled as triangular or quadrangular mesh.

Most commonly used 2d element by ADAS is Membrane (element type 14). This element is to simulate fabric surface (e.g. tensile membrane, ETFE) which is designed to take tensioning force, this element is a 3 DOF e. Pre-stress forces assignment is needed for form-finding or stress analysis. Only to be run with WinFabric Form-Finders, Nonlinear Geometry or Tensegrity solver.

As for 2D Shell Analysis, most commonly used for ADAS projects are Mitc Shell (element type 19) and Andes Shell (element type 15).

However for basic 2DOF IsoPlane-Strain element, be it 1st order element or 2nd order, can be assigned to Plane 2D (element type 9). 

Windas has introduced Hybrid Plane 2D (element type 8) that can be modeled as a 1st order quad only with different analysis formula. Evidently, this analysis type produces more realistic result compared to the former.

For more infromation, visit this link https://www.me.com.sg/article/adas-byte-isoplane-strain-elements-finite-element-analysis

To understand more about element type 9 and type 8 performance, please find this article: …………….. 


Hybrid Plane Stress (element type 7)

Hybrid Plate Bending (element type 8)

Quad Shell (element type 18)

Semi Loof Shell (element type 20)

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