WinSSDm is module for space frame design structure comes with automatic space frame form generator and automatic member design. It also allow user to perform component and nodal selection and produce fabrication and installation drawings.
Tensile Canopy


WinFabric is form finding module for tensile membrane using nonlinear geometrical analysis. It allows user to select wide range of standard shaped with various fabric material properties.


WinETFE is a form finding module for inflated ETFE cushions. It allows the user to design ETFE cushions with a range of prestress, internal pressure conditions and material properties.


Non-Linear Analysis Solver for catenary-cable structure. Obtain unstressed length of cable and required cable forces. Automatically design suitable connector and cable clamp components.

Connection Design

Finite Element Analysis solver for 3D solid components that are suitable for recurring joint connections and baseplates design. Significantly reduce cost by preventing overdesign.

CFD Load Simulator

To define wind load in the most realistic environment is a dream for all structural engineer. Using our advanced parametric and meshing tool, CFD analysis is a dream no more. Inspect how your structure behaves towards natural wind load.