About Us

ADAS Byte is the software house of Multimedia Engineering Pte Ltd. With more than 33 years experience, ADAS Byte carries our advanced comprehensive design & analysis capability in the form of compact commercial software.

Multimedia Engineering Pte Ltd is an archi-engineering company specialised in design and construction of lightweight structures, such as ADAS Tensile Membrane, ETFE Skylight, Fabric Façade, and Spaceframe systems. Serving both local and international market, we are independently a team of architect, designers, engineers, software developers, planners, and contractor of our projects.

Understanding the complex requirement of construction project from design stage to built structure, ADAS Byte offers one stop solution software for architect and engineers. To meet every project’s specific needs, we offer multiple Advanced Module as powerful plug-in to further automate design process.

WinSSDM allows automatic 3D modelling production of Spaceframe components. WinFabric provides automatic tensile membrane form finding, analysis, and cutting pattern all in one software. WinCushion allows inflation of ETFE Cushion form finding. Many more features tools are in development and to be commercialized soon.